Find the Perfect Learning Management System

An Easy Approach to the LMS: Consider Your Needs First

Finding the perfect learning management system is like shopping for the perfect car; you need to know what you want before you start looking. In this article, I’ll describe requirements to consider when choosing an LMS and the website that can help you pick the LMS that’s just right  for your business.
We All Need Something
There are five categories of requirements that pertain to the obtainment of an LMS for your business. These categories are 1) compliance boosters, 2) mobility strategies, 3) security/privacy, 4) behind the scene settings, and 5) other.

Compliance Boosters

The hardest thing about an LMS is getting full compliance. The options under this category include things that make compliance easier to achieve.
Integration with other systems in the business and with social platforms
 Gamification capabilities
 Offline/online Synchronization
 Personalization of portal
 Native apps

Mobile Strategies

here’s an optional requirement for you to consider. Can you store everything in the cloud or does your internal policy require an on-site program? What is your mobile strategy, if any? Do your employees want/need mobile learning? These questions will guide you in determining how important mobile learning is to your company.


In today’s world of hacking and viruses, security and privacy is ultra-important. Without it, you are just asking every teenaged programmer to come wipe your system clean. However, not all security options are equal, and more is not always necessarily better. For example, do you need e-signatures or is the employee’s login enough? Here are Privacy settings are comparable. Too little privacy and everyone in the business know Mrs. Smith’s vital information, but too much and it becomes hard to share training progress with supervisors.

Behind the Scenes Settings

The work that goes into an LMS behind the scenes can be equally if not more important than the up-front training courses. Requirements for this category might include detailed client profiles, directories of experts, and partner certification integration. You may even want the option to have your programmers create new courses in the future. to the Rescue

Nowhere is there a better way to filter the requirements of your company’s LMS than at’s Learning Management System review and buying guide>. Here, you can sort through hundreds of learning management systems or narrow it down with the great filtering system. When I searched for a corporate LMS with employee training, gamification and asynchronouss learning that is mobile-based, it came back with thirty programs, a much more manageable list than the hundreds that I had to look at before.

Found It Yet?

If you haven’t found your perfect LMS in the course of reading this article, that is quite all right. It takes more effort than reading one article. However, with a list of requirements prepared and to help you narrow things down, you’ll be well on your way to a better business with a new LMS.